Thoughts April 20th 2017

Today has been pretty good.  I am SO GLAD that I switched from the psychiatrist in Malmö to the one in Lund. Its a night and day difference in how I am treated. I honestly have never been so sure of something being the right decision before.

This was definitely the smart move. I know I had to wait a little longer than I had to in Malmö, but the wait was totally worth it.

I am debating on dropping out of school, and getting disability until I get my health under control. Right now my health is not doing well. Not mentally. Not physically. I need to get that under control, and take care of myself, if I am going to continue studying.

That being said I am doing my very best to finish the term as strong as I can, but its just not going well. I need to get myself taken care of. I need to feel good about myself again. I want to be happy, and live a less stressful life. School is stressful on its own, so adding that on top of all the normal stress that I have about my health is not helping me.

I also feel just very overwhelmed since I still have not gotten my meds under control yet, it makes it very hard for me to handle things. My anxiety is BAD. I have made 0 friends yet in school, which is painful for me. It makes my anxiety even worse. Its incredibly frustrating.

I’ve had overall a good enlightening day.

Hopefully tomorrow is good too.


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