Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, France, The Gambia.

Hungary, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Libya and Mongolia.
Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Suriname.
Turkey, Uraguay, Vietnam, West Xylophone, Yemen, Zimbabwe….
(In case you do not know this song you NEED to listen to They Might Be Giants.)

In today’s blog we are gonna talk about one of the places on my wishlist of places to go. I actually was inspired by a fellow blogger, Emely, from Flukypixels, Who you should definitely check out. She posted her reasons for wanting to visit Peru, and it was that post, which you can find here. That really made me think about my list of places that I want to see in this big, wide, wonderful world we live on.

One of the first ones that popped in my head was actually in the list of countries from the song above, called “The Alphabet of Nations” You can find the Artist on itunes here. (Yes. They do make a lot of children’s music. If you have children, then you definitely might know them as they were the ones who sang the theme song from Disney Junior’s “Mickey Mouse Club House” They are also the ones who sang the theme song for the hit show Malcom in the Middle.

 I would also be silly to not mention one of their other big songs, Istanbul (Not Constantinapole)
 I think thats enough about the band, I should get to what you all are here for now! )

The country that I want to talk about today is Bulgaria! I actually took an interest in it when I met a planner friend online who was from there, this was actually the same year that Bulgaria had REALLY impressed me with their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest.

(On a side note: Bulgaria has some REALLY great musicians, who sing in both English, and Bulgarian, I am going to link another song, but definitely keep your eyes open for more new music from Bulgarian artists! If you want to know what is a hit on their radio you can check that out here)

I took one term of Bulgarian language in college. (So I am 100% now an expert… (That is a lie. Please do not believe that) ) For me it is important to learn the language of a place before visiting. (even if it is just the basics.) I believe that language and culture go hand in hand, which is why I think it is so important. In order to truly experience a place, I feel like its important to be able to talk with people, learn from them, and walk in their shoes.

So I want to start off with saying that these are just the places that I have looked into, this is by far not a complete list as Bulgaria is a culturally rich land with lots of history. This can be seen in many ways, not the least of which through the number of UNESCO heritage sites they have within their country. (10 officially on the list and 15 that are on the tentative list. in case you were wondering)

In the link above you can see the list of places that are marked as heritage sites, but those are not really the areas that I want to talk about. (Here is another article in case you wanted to know a little more about the places. )

I have to admit, I am a museum nerd. I would 100% spend my entire vacation going from museum to museum every single day when I go to a highly packed tourist city. (I can talk about my trips to Stockholm one day here, and you will see what I mean) But for the sake of this list I am going to try to keep museums off of it unless there is one that can’t be missed.

So the first thing I want to visit in Bulgaria is Розова долина (Rosova Dolina) or Rose Valley as it is more commonly called in English.

It is what its name states. A valley south of the Balkan Mountains where they have a very large industry growing roses. (This area produces 85% of the world’s rose oil)

rose field Bulgaria
Photo from http://www.buluxe.com/


Each year they have a large festival during the harvesting season to celebrate. I think it would be really neat to visit for the festival, as the pictures I have found make it seem like a LOT of fun! To see some of the beautiful pictures from this years festival please check out the official facebook site for the festival here.

One of the cities that I am looking at to visit is the lovely beach city of Варна or Varna in English. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria, and is actually the place where the oldest gold jewelry was found dating all the way back to 4200 BC. Varna is a city that has a LOT of history and yet still feels modern (according to what we learned in my class, and the internet… but considering my teacher confirmed it and she is from Bulgaria, I am inclined to believe it.) Oddly enough, my current city Malmö Sweden is listed as a sister city to Varna.

One of the things that I want to see in Varna is Варненски археологически музей, which is the Varna Archeology Museum, for those of you that do not read Bulgarian. Its one of Bulgaria’s largest museums. Here is a nice video that shows the history of the museum. (Its in English)

Also in Varna, as it is a beach city you will find Златни пясъци, or Golden Sands. Although I am not sure about trusting this website for booking anything, this appears to be the “official” website for the resorts on the beach there.

I am not generally one for beaches, (I don’t tan, I just burn) I made an exception for Golden Sands when I was adding things to my list as it looks simply WONDERFUL.

Golden Sands Bulgaria
Photo from http://rivierabulgaria.com/hotels/riviera-beach


The next stop is in the capital city itself! Its called the snail house, and I think the picture says it all. It is not a museum, just a fun looking house, and I really want to be able to see it in person!

Snail House Bulgaria
Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2uVXzDy


I also want to go see the city of Veliko Tarnovo (Велѝко Тъ̀рново). This is one of the most historically rich cities in my opinion based on what we learned in class, as well as what I have learned through my own searching.

Those are the main things on my list, of course this is definitely not complete, and I did not even begin to mention the delicious food that I am excited to try.

Is Bulgaria on your list of places to see? If not where do you want to go? What is something to see where you live now? I would love to share my city with you all, so maybe when the weather is better I will go get some pictures of my beautiful city and share some tips!


46 thoughts on “Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, France, The Gambia.”

    1. I am so excited that someone knows the song! I have so many places on my lists of places to go, so this was such a hard post, and when I realized that the song had Bulgaria in the lyrics, and I personally wanted to go there, I just felt like it fit so perfectly, that I should share about it rather than my other places… (for now) 😀


    1. So glad that I could inspire you to push it up on your list! Were any of these things on your list of things to see in Bulgaria? Did you have any other suggestions? 🙂


  1. It looks like a beautiful place to visit. There are so many places in the world to see on my list I’ll have to add this on there.


    1. I am so glad that you learned something! I didn’t take ANY of these pictures. I wish I had. They are gorgeous! But I borrowed them, and you can find the sources linked under them! 🙂


  2. I totally agree that having a few words on the language of the country you are travelling to is a good thing. I have never heard of any of these songs! Especially the list of countries one! Fingers crossed you can travel there soon!


    1. I don’t think I would ever travel without knowing at least the basics of a language. I hope that you enjoyed the songs! I hope that I will be able to travel there soon, but I think I would rather travel in the summer, so it will probably be next summer before I am able to think about going. haha Do you know any other languages?


    1. Egypt seems like a beautiful place to see. I love going places that have a lot of historical significance. Growing up in the US, in my area at least, there were not a lot of historical places, so that is one thing that I love to see when I travel!

      I can imagine travelling with smaller children would be difficult. I don’t have children yet, so that, thankfully, is not what is holding me back right now. haha


    1. I wish these were my own photos. I linked the original sources under the photos, and on those websites they have a lot of great information about the places in the photo.

      I am so glad that you were inspired to look into Bulgaria! It is definitely a place that has become more intriguing to me the more I look into it! 🙂


    1. I believe the snail house belongs to a group of artists (which would not be surprising) I am also curious about it though, and am not sure about who lives there, that is just my guess from what I can find on google.

      Thank you!


    1. I am so glad that I am not alone! Most of my family would much rather spend the day outside in a park, or on the beach than museums! I am so glad that I was able to inspire you to look into Bulgaria! I think its a country that is often overlooked, so when I started learning more about it I really felt this itch to go see it! Hopefully we will both make it there one day! 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness! First of all, let me thank you for linking my blog. You made my whole Week! Did you know that? Bulgaria seems like such an interesting place! I love the Rose Valley. Another country I want to visit Japan. And this reminded me of the Sakura Festival they hold every year when the sakura trees are in full bloom. Have you heard about that?


    1. I am glad to link your blog! It was really well put together, and your list DEFINITELY inspired me to make this one! So obviously I should send people to see yours too! I am so glad that it made you happy!

      I really love the idea of going to Japan, but I don’t eat fish, so I am a little nervous about travelling there. haha I have heard about the sakura festival there, and when I heard about this rose festival I was also reminded of that as well! I would love to be able to go to both! I love festivals that have some sort of cultural meaning, because I really like learning about other people! 🙂


    1. These are unfortunately not my photos. I put the sources in the caption but maybe I should be more clear?

      I have not yet been to Bulgaria, so I had to borrow pictures from other sources. haha


    1. Thats so cool that you have friends that have been there! I agree that I am up for going new places any time as well! I think its important to expand our horizons! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I know a few people from Dominica! Pictures that I see of Egypt are so beautiful even though it’s not so safe to go to right now.


    1. I don’t know anyone from Dominica. I have it on my places to visit one day though! I would love to go to Egypt one day too! I think that the level of security in Egypt is dependent on where you go, and what you want to see. From what I understand the major cities are pretty safe there! 🙂


    1. So glad that I could inspire you to add Bulgaria to your travel list! I definitely want to attend the harvest festival because I love to experience things like that. It has so much meaning to them, and their culture, and that makes me so excited to be able to share in that! 🙂


    1. Isn’t it neat how people can be connected to make friends all over the world now, thanks to the internet? That was how I met my friend from there, it was never something that I expected! I would also love to see Egypt! There is so much history and culture there, that it would be an amazing place to experience! 🙂


    1. That would be really fun to travel with family! I never went international with my family, but now that I have married and settled with a Swede, my sister has had the experience of coming to visit me with my mom and that was a really good experience for her I think!

      Egypt has so much history and culture that I agree it would be an amazing place to visit! 🙂


    1. Italy is one that I think is on EVERYONES list, and for a good reason! I have many friends who have been there, and they loved it! Thanks to the power of the internet I also have friends there and everything they show me (food) looks amazing!

      Iceland also seems like a really fun place! I am so glad that you were inspired to look more into Bulgaria, I think its a country that gets overlooked a lot, so it makes me happy to that so many people think it sounds interesting! 🙂


    1. before moving to Sweden I had only been out of the US once. I hope that you will get the chance to travel more! Its a really wonderful experience! 🙂


  5. That was fun and really exciting! Please know that you inspired us also. I am familiar with that song. Good match of the lyrics. He he


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