About the author

Hi! My name is Kathleen, but most people just call me Katie. I’m 24 years old… well as of the date this is written (April 9th 2017) and I have dogs.

Just kidding.

Not really though, I do have dogs, but this blog is not about them, or, maybe sometimes it will be. This blog is really about living with ADHD though. I’m going to use it as a way for me to clear my thoughts so that I can try to focus on living in the moment, and getting shit done, instead of having 3 million thoughts in my head.

I was diagnosed with ADHD officially last year, so when I was still 24, I will be 25 in May. Since then I have had lots of ups and downs with treatment. I still am trying to figure out what works best for me. The only thing that I know for sure does NOT work for me is group therapy…

For some people, it works wonders, but for me? NO. I have too much of a hero complex to handle it. I want to help everyone else, and wind up never helping myself. Or I pretend that I am ok, so that I do not drag anyone else down, even though, I could really use someone to lift me up.

I’m probably way too talkative for my own good. I will talk about anything, but especially news. I am a self diagnosed news junkie, I love watching the news and reading about current events. (Ask me about how I took the whole class on in Jeopardy in Jr. High and won, because I read current event magazines, and watched the news ALL the time.)

My ADHD has been both a blessing and a curse in my life, and that will probably become more apparent the more I write.

If you read this far, I congratulate you, and you are now awarded this medal,


for putting up with my rambling piece of crap introduction. If you have any questions, I love to talk, so just drop a comment, and I will answer you! Unless you are going to ask for my address, or to borrow my undies… thats just creepy.