15 mins a day turned in to nothing…

So I was good a this for about a week. As I expected, after that I kind of just dropped off the face of the earth. Its possible that I mean that literally...


Thoughts April 20th 2017

I've had overall a good enlightening day.....


Feelings April 17th 2017

I don't like being told how to feel. I don't like others talking about how I feel. I don't want others to assume how I feel......

feels, thoughts

Thoughts & Feelings April 16th 2017

What is the meaning of life? What makes life worth living? Why do we do things that lead to nothing?

feels, thoughts

Thoughts and Feelings April 15th, 2017

Almost a week ago, I got the guts to start blogging about my experience with ADHD. I didn't think that it would help me as much as it has... Its given me a space to get my thoughts and feelings out. It has helped me to put my thoughts in to actual words. I think… Continue reading Thoughts and Feelings April 15th, 2017

To-Do list

To-Do April 14th 2017

Here is my To-Do list for tomorrow. Posting it here for accountability...